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Taylor Made Tour Preferred Iron Set

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Manufacturer Description

The TaylorMade Tour Preferred Irons offer a classic blade shape while mixing a thin topline and shorter blade-length for heel to toe for a stronger, leaner look at address.

  • Stock Shaft - True Temper Dynamic Gold
  • Inverted Cone Technology expands the sweetspot of your iron to maximize distance on your mis-hits
  • Vibration-management cavity benefits you by giving you a solid sound and great feel
  • The TaylorMade Tour Preferred Irons, where modern technology meets classic design

Avg Rating: 5 out of 5
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I just traded in my Callaway x-20 tour irons with project x 6.0 for a set of these with a shaft upgrade to the project x 6.0. I am a 12 handicapper, and with my first round with these, I shot a 79 without sinking too many putts. Great irons and definitely work a crack if you like a more blade-like set-up, but like me don't quite have the game/confidence to go to the butter-knives... These irons look great at address and are about half to 3/4 of a club longer than my previous irons.
Handicap 11 - 15

Frequently asked questions about

I'm 5'6 and a 13 handicap. I'm interested in the TM TP irons. But there doesn't seem to be anything with 1/2 in shortened and 3 degree flat. If I purchase these, would local dealers honour any customi
11/26/2009 10:59 PM
I can custom order them to your spec directly through Taylor Made. Please contact me at 1-800-372-2557 to inquire. Employee: Andy
12/02/2009 3:19 PM
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I keep reading about length of shaft, measuring wrist to floor, I am short, so what does this measurement tell me and how do I apply it to shaft length
06/02/2009 9:17 AM
Thank you for your question in regard to shaft lengths. The measurement from wrist to floor will determine which length you will need your shaft set at. Typically, shorter golfer will need their irons/woods cut down in order to maximize proper impact. Please determine the length of your arm from wrist to floor from a standing upright position with your arms at your side and I can determine the optimal length for you. Employee: Andy
06/03/2009 10:21 AM
Also your wrist to floor measurement will determine what lie angle you need. I'm 5'3" and I needed my clubs flattened 3 degrees from standard! Look into it!
Low Handicap Golfer: Luke
08/13/2009 1:06 PM
Yes there are many things to be taken into consideration but the easiest way is to go to a golf shop and many will fit you properly to what you need as far as lie angle and length.
Low Handicap Golfer: Casey Brown
05/31/2012 12:29 AM
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I am a average golfer looking for new clubs...current set had extra inch added to shaft length, but not sure I needed it. I am 6'2"...would a custom club fitting be recommended or would std shaf
05/20/2009 6:36 PM
Thank you for your inquiry. Typically guys your height will need added length to the shaft with an upright lie angle. Your arm length from wrist to floor will give a better idea as to how much additional length is needed. The majority of golfers in your height range would benefit from a 1/2" extended shaft and a 2 degree upright lie angle. The custom iron set will definately improve your ball striking ability and your consistency in your iron play. Please give us a call if you have further quest Employee: Andy
05/21/2009 8:44 AM
I have old clubs looking to buy new how do I tell if my clubs are to long or short.
Mid Handicap Golfer: David
09/04/2009 6:32 PM
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