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Cobra F-Max One Length Graphite Iron Set

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Golfballs.com Expert Description

With the Cobra F-MAX One Length Graphite Irons, all you need is one swing setup. Every golfer is on a path towards seeking greater consistency in their swings. The F-MAX One Length Irons achieves this with a single shaft length used across all the irons in the collection. By reducing variables in your setup, this reduces chances of deviation, giving you greater confidence and shaving strokes off your game.

Lightweight Golf Irons

The iron set was designed to improve moderate swing speed players' game by combining the lightness of the Cobra F-MAX line with the consistency of one length clubs. Their lighter shaft design helps these players to gain as much distance possible on every shot by increasing clubhead speed. Distance seeking improvements were taken a step further by using lighter swing weights to create a higher launch with more speed for additional yards.

High Launch Irons

The club head design promotes more face flex by using a deep undercut to increase ball trajectory on off-center hits. To maximize launch, a low and back CG placement is used to increase distances. Launch is further improved by the offset hosel that can create straighter more accurate flight paths through more draw bias.

Iron Construction

Different materials were used in the construction of these irons to improve performance and durability. To create faster speeds and more distance, the long irons use 17-4 stainless steel while short irons will benefit from the soft feel and accuracy of 431 stainless steel. To provide a long-lasting finish, Cobra coated the clubs with a nickel chrome plating for additional durability.

Features of the F-MAX One Length Graphite Iron Set:

  • Larger midsize grips provide consistency and comfort
  • A single length iron design puts the focus on the shot and not on positioning
  • Deep undercut adds face flex to offer more forgiveness and speed on off-center hits
  • Launch is higher through the center of gravity’s placement and more draw bias from the offset hosel
  • Designed for moderate swing speeds by featuring lighter shaft & swing weights to increase clubhead speed & launch
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