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RB Tour Family

Mizuno RB Tour Family
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RB Tour Golf Balls

RB Tour Balls Beat the Odds

With low driver spin and high launch, the RB Tour golf ball is designed to be hit further than other tour balls. The C-Dimple design reduces drag, increasing distance in all wind conditions. A soft and responsive urethane cover results in a more consistent feel around the greens - while our 4-piece construction delivers improved initial velocity off drives and better control on iron shots. The RB Tour provides fast flight and excellent durability, making it an ideal option for all levels of golfers.

The RB Tour has a fast, penetrating ball flight and delivers a confident, controlled feel around the greens. In addition, with its revolutionary crafted design, this tour ball features a soft, responsive cover. As a result, the RB Tour is an excellent option for anyone seeking the best combination of distance and soft feel.

Mizuno's RB Tour X golf balls are designed for players who demand the highest level of performance from their golf equipment. These golf balls are constructed with a urethane cover for exceptional spin and feel around the greens. In addition, Mizuno's proprietary technology creates a dimple pattern that optimizes launch and trajectory, while the soft core provides incredible feel and unparalleled control. With all of these features, the RB Tour golf balls are ideal for serious players looking to take their game to the next level.

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RB Tour X Golf Balls

RB Tour X Balls Are Infused With Power

The next generation of RB Tour X by Mizuno features the same soft, fast and responsive cover as the original. Players who produce mid/low spin on their driver will benefit from this ball, which also offers incredible performance in windy conditions due to its high spin drag reduction C-Dimple.

Mizuno's RB Tour X golf balls are designed for serious players who demand the most from their equipment. The RB Tour X balls feature a soft core and a thin cover, providing exceptional feel and spin control. In addition, Mizuno's proprietary technology gives the balls a higher launch angle and longer carry, making them ideal for players who want to hit the ball further. The RB Tour X balls are also highly dependable and retain their shape and performance after repeated shots. In addition, these golf balls stand up to the elements and resist signs of wear, so you can play season after season without losing any bit of performance.

Mizuno golf balls are also designed to help you achieve better distance control due to the golf ball's core construction process, specifically engineered to reduce spin. The ball creates an aerodynamic profile with a more prominent sweet spot. This means you have an easier target to hit and guaranteed maximum ball flight on impact. The result is increased control around the green and more considerable flight distance. Mizuno golf balls are the perfect choice for players of all skill levels who want to shave off some strokes on the course and perfect their craft.

Mizuno balls decimate the competition for average hitters looking to find their distance control. In addition, its design maintains a stable ball flight off the driver and provides the golfer more distance than most other low compression options for slower swingers.

Mizuno Golf Balls Are Calibrated For Success

Mizuno boasts a solid line of multi-layer balls for excellent driving and nearly twice as much distance as the competition typically provides. Slow swingers will appreciate the pinpoint accuracy of a Mizuno ball. Amateurs and seasoned players enjoy maximum club head speed and steeper landing angles, producing striking distance with minimum spin through impact with Mizuno golf balls. Let the RB Tour and RB Tour X strategize your gameplay and shape how you play the game. As always, Mizuno has your back on the green.

Product Comparison

RB Tour
RB Tour
RB Tour X
RB Tour X
Category Tour/Distance Tour/Feel
Construction 4-piece 4-piece
Best For Under 105 mph, low handicap 105+ mph, low handicap
Compression High (90) High (110)
Spin Medium High
Cover Urethane Urethane
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