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Zero Friction B52 Golf Balls - 15 Pack
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Zero Friction B52 Golf Balls - 15 Pack

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Product Description

Like the great B-52 bomber plane you can now experience the explosive power of the Zero Friction B-52 Distance Golf Ball. The B-52 is designed with a 392 dimple pattern which creates less spin and dispersion than a traditional 496 dimple ball. That is a 20% reduction in dimple pattern generating greater ball velocity and reduced spin resulting in longer drives. Combined with our Zero Friction 3-prong tee, which reduces 66% tee surface coverage, distance and accuracy will be your weapon. The 392 dimple pattern also rolls smoother on the green for more accurate putts. To top it off this golf ball pack is loaded with 15 golf balls. More distance, more balls and for a reasonable price. 2-piece construction travels up to five yards longer 85 compression outer core shallow 392 dimple pattern allows for less friction in the air and on the green

  • Shallow 392 dimple pattern
  • Travels up to 5 yards longer
  • 85 compression outer cover
  • 2-piece construction
  • Includes 5 turf tees

Product Reviews

Avg Rating: 5 out of 5 User Ratings & Reviews (1)


Cove City, NC

Handicap 21 - 30

I have a FOC B52 golf ball. I did not pay much attention to the sad I thot it was just Titleist or Top Flight logo ball. I am an 84 yr old golfer who hits drives about 185 yds. Yesterday I was alternating between a Titleist ball and the B52 ball. Surprisingly, I hit the B52 on two drives 200+ yds. When I finished the round I looked to see the brand ball I was playing with....shock! It was not a name brand just B52...kudos, the ball is amazing for the price. It rolled fine on the greens and exploded off my irons. Normally,I do not do reviews but felt I should share my experience with your product.
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