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Product Description

The Venture Golf RS-1 is a high-value, durable golf ball that is designed with a fast core to provide REAL SPEED suitable for most swing speeds. USGA approved, the RS-1 features a high-speed core, durable Surlyn cover, and a target alignment aid, providing a complete golf ball from tee to green.

High-Speed Core

The RS-1 Real Speed Golf Ball was engineered with a high-speed core that provides incredible initial velocity at impact. This results in increased ball speed when struck, providing maximum distance. Once the RS-1 is airborne, you will notice a high ball launch, which promotes distance down the fairway.

Durable Surlyn Cover

The extremely durable Surlyn cover of the Venture Golf RS-1 generates a lower spin off the tee, which creates a longer and straighter ball flight. Additionally, the Surlyn cover material provides protection from the cuts and knicks, giving you a golf ball that you can play the entire round.

Precise Target Alignment

Venture Golf RS-1 golf balls feature Precise Target Alignment, ensuring that you are set up square when on the green. The alignment arrows printed on the ball provide accurate start lines for your best shot at shaving putting strokes.
  • High-speed core for maximum initial velocity at impact to increase ball speed
  • Durable Surlyn cover generates low spin off the tee for a straighter and longer ball flight
  • Precise Target Alignment provide precise arrows to improve putting set up
  • 2-piece construction, 80 compression, 332 dimples
  • Conforms with the Rules of Golf

Product Reviews

Avg Rating: 5 out of 5 User Ratings & Reviews (2)


Copano Village, TX

Handicap 16 - 20

Venture golf balls
I usually play with Taylor Made, but tried the Venture ball last week and couldn’t be more satisfied with the result. Hit it further and can spin it like the expensive balls. I highly recommend playing this ball! Great job for the advise!


Lafayette, LA

Handicap 0 - 5

Venture Golf RS-1 Ball
I just played my second round with this new Venture RS-1 golf ball. The results were extremely satisfactory. The ball is as long and feels as soft off the club face as other balls costing two to three times more. I used the traditional white ball and it looks much brighter to my eye than other white balls. I was also impressed with the feel off my putter face. All being said, this ball is worth trying. I think you will also be impressed with how it plays and certainly the cost.