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Venture Golf RD-1 Fan Pack
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Venture Golf RD-1 Fan Pack

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Product Description

Venture Golf RD-1 Fan Pack consists of:

  • (2) dozen Venture RD-1 Personalized Golf Balls - Choose White or Yellow Color
  • (1) Titan Golf Premium Cabretta Leather Golf Glove - Choose Your Size
  • (1) Venture Golf Microfiber Tri-Fold Towel - Black
  • (1) Venture Golf Dual-Sided Club Brush - Black
  • (1) Pair Dubery Polarized Sunglasses Clear Frame – Black Polarized Lens

Venture Golf RD-1 Golf Balls

The Venture Golf RD-1 is a high-value, durable golf ball engineered with a fast core to provide REAL DISTANCE suitable for all swing speeds. Conforming with the Rules of Golf, the RD-1 Real Distance golf ball features a target alignment aid, high-speed core, and durable Surlyn cover for a complete golf ball from tee to green.

Venture RD-1 golf balls feature Precise Target Alignment, which ensures that you are set up square when on the green. The alignment arrows promote accurate start lines for your best shot at shaving strokes off your putting game. The RD-1 Real Distance has a high-speed core to provide maximum initial velocity at club impact. This increases ball speed and rollout when struck, providing incredible wind-cutting distance. You will also notice a high ball launch, which promotes distance down the fairway.The highly durable Surlyn cover of the Venture Golf RD-1 golf ball generates a lower spin off the tee to create a longer and straighter ball flight. Additionally, the Surlyn cover material provides protection from the cuts and knicks resulting in a ball you can play from the clubhouse to the 18th green.
  • Precise Target Alignment ensures square set up with alignment arrows for accurate start lines
  • High-speed core provides maximum initial velocity at impact to increase ball speed
  • Durable Surlyn cover generates low spin off the tee to create a longer and straighter ball flight
  • 2-piece construction, 90 compression
  • Conforms with the Rules of Golf

Titan Golf Premium Cabretta Leather Golf Glove

The Titan Golf Premium Cabretta Leather Golf Glove is the ultimate in comfort and performance. No shortcuts were taken in the design of this golf glove, engineered to perform to your highest expectations. The Tour-quality premium Cabretta leather featured throughout will provide you with both superior protection from the elements and incredible comfort during your entire round.

Knowing which areas are most vulnerable to wear, the Titan Golf Premium Cabretta Leather glove has a further reinforced palm and thumb area for increased protection and added comfort. Speaking of comfort, perforated vent holes work to increase breathability and reduce the buildup of moisture that can occur in cheaper gloves, leaving your hand dry. Finally, the durable enclosure ensures a proper fit for every golfer, staying out of the way when you are trying to execute your shot. If you are looking for the ultimate in comfort and premium performance, look no further than the Titan Golf Premium Cabretta Leather Golf Glove.
  • Tour-quality premium Cabretta leather for a comfortable fit and feel
  • Reinforced leather palm and thumb area for added comfort
  • Reinforced Cabretta leather palm and thumb area for added comfort
  • Perforated vent holes increase breathability and reduces moisture
  • Durable enclosure ensures proper fit

Venture Golf Microfiber Tri-Fold Towel

The Venture Golf Microfiber Tri-Fold Towel is constructed of premium, waffle pattern microfiber material that is both soft and absorbent. With this towel clipped to your bag, you can ensure your clubs are free from debris that can cause mishits, and your balls are clean so they fly as intended. Included with this high-quality towel is a reinforced grommet that holds an upgraded carabiner. This setup attaches easily to any golf bag and allows for easy access during your round.
  • Premium, waffle pattern microfiber material cleans equipment with ease
  • Upgraded carabiner clip at the top of each towel for easy access
  • Reinforced grommet for long-lasting performance
  • Measures 16" x 24"

Venture Golf Dual-Sided Club Brush

The Venture Golf Dual Sided Club Brush features two different types of ultra-strong bristles, one side with brass and the other side with nylon. This provides you with two cleaning options for your golf clubs depending upon the job. The Dual-Sided brush includes a retractable zip line that stretches to over 25" long for easy flexibility in cleaning every club in your golf bag. The zip line is connected to a metal carabiner that attaches easily to any loop on your golf bag. Finally, a durable plastic construction handle ensures continuous use round after round.
  • Includes two different types of bristles, brass and nylon
  • Retractable zip line stretches to over 25" for easy access and flexibility
  • Durable plastic construction lasts round after round
  • Includes metal carabiner for easy attachment to your golf bag

Dubery Polarized Sunglasses Polished Black Frame

Dubery Polarized Sunglasses feature a high color contrast polarized lens, bringing you superior clarity and quality of vision. The polycarbonate lens is 100% UV400 rated with built-in scratch and shatter protection to ensure long-lasting performance. The polarized lens also is equipped with a hydrophobic, anti-reflective inner coating to ensure maximum vision quality and true color perception while out on the course. You'll experience unmatched clarity and optimized glare protection with this HD-quality polarized lens. The Dubery Polarized Sunglasses also feature a durable TR90 flexible frame that is extremely lightweight, staying out of the way while you are active. A reinforced hinge system combined with the rubber socks provides stability in a one-size-fits-most package.
  • High-quality polarized lens
  • 100% UV400 protection
  • Scratch- and shatter-resistant lens
  • Lightweight, flexible frame
  • One-size-fits-most design
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