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What is a Logo Overrun?

An overrun is a brand new ball often with some type of imprint, normally a name or logo.

In some cases, overruns will have no printing on the ball at all.

Although brand new, they are typically packaged in bulk boxes.

Product Description

Every tour pro on earth swears by urethane golf balls, it's the industry standard. There are plenty of expensive tour balls out there for golfers who want that. But how about those who want more performance, for less? That's why we created Tour Response. To bring you tour performance without the tour price tag. More spin, with less spend.

  • A soft, cast urethane cover allows the grooves of the wedge to better grip the golf ball for increased green-side spin. A crosslinking chemical reaction forms the urethane material, which creates an irreversible link for improved shear resistance and greater durability
  • A core made from soft flexible materials with increased elastic components delivers better and softer feel with an ultra-low 40 compression
  • A firmer second layer surrounds the soft inner core and allows for an explosive transfer of energy and increased ball speeds
  • 3-layer construction

Product Reviews

Avg Rating: 4.5 out of 5 User Ratings & Reviews (4)


Goshen, NC

Handicap 6 - 10

TaylorMade Logo Overrun
The balls are awesome. Good distance and good feel. Only critique is I purchased as "Logo Overrun". None of the balls has a logo of any type and all12 of the balls are #3. I like the Logos because it easily differentiates my ball from others. Since they weren't logoed, the fact that all are 3's is slightly annoying.


Handicap 0 - 5

Taylor Made
This is a great ball, we received positive feedback using this as a promotional item.


Handicap 0 - 5

a great all around ball
Tried the Taylormade ball and found it great around the greens and slightly longer than Pro V1. Great short game control for pitches and chips....As a professional instructor, I need the reliability of a good performing ball, and this ball does the job very well.


Handicap 11 - 15

Taylor Made Tour Response review
Received these as a gift originally. Normally play a Titleist Tour Soft with the ID align. Picked up some additional yardage with the TM and the cover held up better than the Titleist. Bought a box to put them through their paces and ultimately decided to make the change. Was disappointed with the quality of the personalization on the last order. Most of the line came off my ball before I reached the turn. That is unusual but I'm going to give them a chance and hope this was just a bad batch of paint