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Titleist Velocity Matte Orange Golf Balls - 2024 Model
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Titleist Velocity Matte Orange Golf Balls - 2024 Model

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The 2024 Titleist Velocity Matte Orange golf ball is engineered for the golfer who demands explosive distance. Its high-speed LSX core and spherically tiled 350 octahedral dimple design work harmoniously to deliver powerful, consistent ball flight. Ideal for players with a focus on lengthening their drives, the Velocity is a game-changer on the tee.

Consistent Flight

Experience unparalleled consistency with the Velocity's aerodynamic design, ensuring a penetrating trajectory with reduced drag. This golf ball is tailored for those seeking impressive distance without compromising accuracy.

Playability Redefined

The innovative Titleist Velocity Orange brings playability to new heights. Its reformulated core and cover deliver exceptional responsiveness, making it a go-to choice for golfers who want more from every swing. Elevate your game with the 2024 Titleist Velocity Orange and redefine your expectations for distance and performance.

Features of the 2024 Titleist Velocity Matte Orange Golf Ball:

  • LSX core, 350-octahedral dimple design for maximum driving power.
  • Aerodynamic design minimizes drag, ensuring a predictable and penetrating trajectory.
  • Responsive core and cover redefine playability, maximizing performance from every swing.
  • Engineered for players focused on extending drives and achieving exceptional distance.
  • Spherically tiled dimple pattern contributes to superior aerodynamics, delivering a powerful and reliable ball flight.
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