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Srixon Z-Star Diamond Logo Overrun Golf Balls
Srixon LogoAuthorized Dealer

Srixon Z-Star Diamond Logo Overrun Golf Balls

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What is a Logo Overrun?

An overrun is a brand new ball often with some type of imprint, normally a name or logo.

In some cases, overruns will have no printing on the ball at all.

Although brand new, they are typically packaged in bulk boxes.

Product Description

Elevate your game with the Srixon Z-Star Diamond golf balls for 2022, the first of its kind to feature a unique blend of distance, control and spin for all aspects of the game. The Z-Star Diamond boasts a soft center and outer firmness, producing high ball speeds for an increased spin and longer carry. More advanced players will notice the exceptional feel and optimized ball flight thanks to our all-new SpinSkin & SeRM coating. The ultra-flexible molecular bonds dig deep into wedge and iron grooves, giving you the performance you crave. In addition, these Z-Star Diamond golf balls feature a perfect combination of greenside control and long-game distance and flight stability, even in windy conditions.

Exceptional Feel and Playability

Players trust Z-Star golf balls on the PGA Tour, and after some time on the course, you will too. Srixon's revolutionary technology provides more spin and incredible stopping power, while the FastLayer Core gives high-speed players an exceptional feel with plenty of ball speed for maximum playability. Srixon incorporated their 338 Speed Dimple Pattern into the Z-Star Diamond golf balls, providing lift and less drag upon impact, boosting overall distance. The 3-piece construction offers maximum spin for added stopping power on approach shots to the green. Additionally, Srixon's proprietary SpinSkin coating is now infused with even more power and is trusted on the PGA TOUR by Brooks Koepka and many other professionals.

Incredible Stopping Power

The new Srixon Z-Star packs a major punch. The Pure White 2022 model delivers more spin and control than ever before. These golf balls are equipped with a revolutionary coating technology that provides players with a fantastic feel and allows for incredible stopping power on shots around the green. Expect to see an increased lift for a longer distance off the tee and a higher trajectory than Srixon has ever brought to the table. Whether you are hitting mid-irons into par fives or trying to hit a flop shot to a tight pin, the Z-STAR Diamond is your new go-to ball. Feel confident on every shot and lower your scores with Srixon.

Features of the Srixon Z-Star Diamond Golf Balls:

  • Trusted on the PGA Tour by Brooks Koepka
  • FastLayer Core gives high-speed players exceptional feel and plenty of ball speed for maximum distance
  • Revolutionary Spin Skin with SeRM technology provides more spin and incredible stopping power
  • 338 Speed Dimple Pattern results in less drag, more lift, and straighter flight paths
  • 3-piece construction, 102 compression, Pure White color
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