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Pinnacle Platinum Feel Golf Balls

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Technical Data

Swing Speed
Swing speed is a measure of velocity, in miles per hour, of how fast the club head of a golf club is traveling at the point it makes impact with the golf ball. Swing speed can be recorded by a launch monitor or other electronic radar devices.
81 - 94 mph
  • 70
  • 76
  • 82
  • 88
  • 94
  • 100
Shown in miles per hour
Balls designed for higher handicap golfers generally have harder covers that result in lower spin rates with irons and drivers. Balls designed for low handicap golfers tend to offer your more control and spin.
11 - 20
  • 0
  • 7
  • 14
  • 21
  • 28
  • 36
Shown in strokes
Trajectory is a term used to describe the flight characteristics of a golf shot. It considers the height of the shot as well as it's launch and landing characteristics.
Feel (Compression)
Feel is a term that considers the firmness or compression of the golf ball. Typically the softer the golf ball feels, the lower the compression rating. A general rule of thumb about golf ball compression is that players with a lower swing speed should use a lower compression ball to take advantage of the added spring affect.
9 Iron Spin
9 iron spin is regarding the backward rotation of the golf ball in flight or the measured rate of that rotation. Most golfers think of backspin more in relation to shorter irons and wedges. Backspin is what causes some wedge shots to "back up" on the green, or roll backwards after hitting the green.

Manufacturer Description

Pinnacle Golf Platinum Feel - The Pinnacle Golf Platinum Feel golf ball is the greatest distance golf ball available that still provides a soft feel. The large core designed by Pinnacle Golf for the Platinum Feel golf ball provides greater ball speed producing the long drive every golfer dreams of. The low compression and soft cover provide increased feel desired for play around the greens. Join the members of Pinnacle Golf team and start hitting longer, straighter drives with the new Platinum Feel golf ball.

  • New, soft, thin surlyn cover formulation for soft feel with outstanding control
  • Large 1.595" core construction
  • High coverage 332 Icosahedral dimple design which assists with a consistent ball flight
  • Alignment guide to promote better putting accuracy

Avg Rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Best ball for average Joe's . Maybe a tad better than fx soft. The Exception is still the best tested by USGA for spin. Remember to play the condition first, because super sticky means little to the soaked golf courses on the east coast this year. 3 and 4 piece balls have a place in dryer lay up conditions. Fx longs stuck the greens good for me this year because the wet soft greens stopped the ball! I put best value on Pinnacle , and cheap Performance on Wilson Staff tx4 or px3.
J. E. (Darlington, MD)
Handicap 11 - 15
Great ball for a great price.
I tried these based on a friend's recommendation and I really enjoy them. They have the right feel for my game. hold their line of flight well and I can stop them on the green. They feel great off the putter as well. This ball will be in my bag for a long time to come.
Glenn Bowers (East Grand Rapids, MI)
Handicap 11 - 15
Found Ball Saves Round
golfing with my buds yesterday, found a Pinnacle Platinum Feel ball, the blue color stood out in the rough.. It looked brand new, so I teed it up.. WOW! my typical drive around 205 just went up to 214, this allowed a shorter iron into the green thus giving me birdie opportunities.. I am sold.. going to buy a box today!
JimDog (Coral Springs, FL)
Handicap 11 - 15
Best feel
I am trying to find a ball suit my game. I like soft ball with some distance but better green side control. I played Prov 1, prov 1x, Tour ix, BS330 RX and Nike Vapor. Lately, I bought this ball and after the first tee shot with driver, I think I found it. I can feel the ball at impact with driver, iron and can spin the ball around the green. Instead of wasting money on expensive balls, I decided to stay with this one. I am not sure how good this ball is under windy condition. Will post it later.
Alfred (Richardson, TX)
Handicap 11 - 15
I have played them all (balls), and the Pinnacle Platinum Feel is by far the best bang for the buck....... The only place it doesnt feel like a Pro V is in your wallet...A must try...... A GREAT BALL !!!
Andrew (Boston, MA)
Handicap 6 - 10

Frequently asked questions about

I am on my last 3 sleeves of my favorite Pinnacle Platinum feel golf balls. Why as it discontinued? What is the replacement ball and how isit different? Are the overruns any good or are they blems? Le
07/23/2010 9:29 PM
The closest in compression would be the Ribbon ball. I feel you would benefit the most from the Pinnacle Exception overruns. Employee: DavidL
07/26/2010 3:36 PM
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What New Pinnacle ball is comparable to the last years Pinnacle Exception
01/22/2010 1:57 PM
The 2010 Pinnacle Dimension is the newest edition. You will find the new ball has a larger and softer core giving you more distance and straighter ball flight. The new golf ball can be found via the following link: Employee: Andy
01/26/2010 8:56 AM
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My company bought several doz. balls, they were kept in the store room. How long will these balls last? are they still good? its been around 8yrs. the company closed and I recieved several doz.
05/08/2009 10:23 AM
Jerry, the shelf life of the golf balls if stored in a climate controlled area is non existent. The balls will perform to the standards they were produced at the time. If you are playing an older golf ball you may notice differences from performance of newer balls but that is due to advances in technology not because the ball is "dead". Only storing balls out doors or in non controllable climates will you notice the balls only last around 2 years in most cases. Employee: Andy
05/08/2009 10:48 AM
Jake-75 yds UP 75 yds DOWN and 75 yds OUT Do equal 225 yds YOU ARE GOOD
Mid Handicap Golfer: Nick
04/06/2013 3:32 PM
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