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Callaway Golf Hex Chrome+ Logo Overrun Golf Balls

This item has been discontinued.
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$26.95 Expert Description

Speed and feel drive the performance of the Callaway Hex Chrome+ golf ball. This golf ball's 4-piece design delivers more velocity on launch and keeps spin low through its trajectory, giving golfers a better handle on their game. HEX Aerodynamics provide an unparalleled experience, as an enhanced outer layer decreases wind resistance and gives your shot enhanced stability. No need to worry about your short game either, as the Hex Chrome+ ball delivers a great short game spin for an awesome all-around experience.

Speedy Inner Layers

Within the Hex Chrome+ ball lies a two-piece mantle layer that delivers increased ball speed with the driver, and the fast S-Tech core at the heart of the ball follows through on distance, delivering the airtime it needs so you can sink that shot.

DuraSpin Cover & HEX Aerodynamics

The DuraSpin cover delivers golfers exceptional short game performance, producing enough spin when needed (like on iron shots) and stability when necessary. Patented HEX Aerodynamics create distance while also reducing drag, all for a shot that will not veer drastically off course even during a strong gust.

Improved Feel

The construction of the Callaway Hex Chrome+ golf ball may deliver on speed and stability, but you don't need to lose a great greenside feel for the sake of performance. The design of the Hex Chrome+ ball gives you fantastic sound and feel with every swing from tee to green, and adapts well to varying swing speeds.

Features of the Callaway Golf Hex Chrome+ Golf Ball:

  • 4-Piece Construction
  • DuraSpin Cover for balls that stay pristine and added control
  • Dual mantle for increased distance and reduced spin with drivers
  • Hex Aerodynamics: Creates long, penetrating distance, reduces drag and promotes a stable ball flight.
  • S-Tech Core increases ball flight without compromising feel

Avg Rating: 4.5 out of 5
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User Ratings & Reviews (64 Reviews) Staff Review: from Luke
Tour Performance, Great Price
The ball really took off after Phil Mickelson used it to win the British Open in 2013. It’s a 4-piece ball that covers a variety of swings speeds. Comparing to the Pro V1x this ball has a fast core for a quick ball flight and maximum distance. The Dura Spin cover on the ball will provide a nice soft feel and excellent play-ability on and around the greens. Available in 2 colors, we have heard great reviews on this ball, give it a try!
Luke (Lafayette, LA)
Handicap 10 - 15
Callaway Golf Hex Chrome+ Logo Overrun Golf Balls
I switched to the Hex Chrome awhile ago. I truly enjoy the feedback from each shot, the play-ability of the ball itself, and the overall satisfaction of improving my game one shot at a time. Thanks Callaway!!
Donald (Citrus Heights, CA)
Handicap 10 - 15
It tock well over a month to get my order after a number of email I did get what I order
jerry (Henderson, NV)
Handicap 10 - 15
A great golf ball
Played my first round with these balls. I love the distance and the feel around the green. My game is nothing special, but I love the feel of sweet contact on a quality ball. It makes the afternoon fun, even though I miss some shots.
Jeff (Logan, UT)
Handicap 10 - 15
no logos
Balls were not what I thought. Thought I was getting Chrome Soft. My mistake. No logos at all in my shipment. Good deal.
Stuart (Evergreen, MT)
Handicap 10 - 15

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I love the Chrome+ and am looking at ordering a couple dozen of the Logo Overruns....what are we saying when it's a Logo Overrun?
09/28/2014 3:59 AM
Overrun golf balls are brand new, brand name golf balls at discount prices that have some sort of additional imprint as a result of overproduction and often have no printing on the ball at all. Employee: Bo
09/29/2014 8:11 AM
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