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Bigg Golf Score Crusher Golf Balls
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Bigg Golf Score Crusher Golf Balls

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Product Description

If you want explosive distance, straighter ball flight, and exceptional feel around the green, then grab a box of Score Crushers and get ready to slash strokes off your score!

The combination of the uniquely designed dimple pattern along with a Neodymium Reactor inner core combine to create the secret sauce that makes the Score Crusher a game changer from tee to green.

Put the Score Crusher to the test and judge for yourself. Because if you're a fan of performance and lower scores, then we're confident this will instantly become your new favorite ball to play with.

The only problem you will have is keeping your buddies from finding out the secret to how you improved your game so much. Just tell them you have been practicing a lot, so they don't realize it is just the new ball you are using.

  • Explosive distance and straighter ball flight
  • Exceptional feel around the green

Product Reviews

Avg Rating: 5 out of 5 User Ratings & Reviews (8)


Hendersonville, TN

Handicap 16 - 20

Fantastic golf balls
Great ball with distance and spin, also very forgiving. I love these!


Jacksonville, FL

Handicap 0 - 5

Tournament Hit
The players were stoked when I gave these out at my recent golf tournament. The players couldn't stop talking about how well these balls worked with their swings. It was like they were made just for them. If you're looking for golf balls that combine quality, feel, and performance, you must try Bigg Golf. Your game will thank you!

Mike C.

Belleair Beach, FL

Handicap 11 - 15

Balls were a hit!
We got 2 cases of these for a company event with our logo printed on them, and the balls were a hit with everyone. There were a number of golfers in the group and the feedback after they played the ball was really positive as well. Definitely will re-order!

chris norton

Delray Beach, FL

Handicap 0 - 5

Big fan of Bigg Golf!
performance and design to your liking great company good customer service nothing but good things to say!!!!!!!!


Dixieland, FL

Handicap 11 - 15

These balls FLY!
I golf a few times a month so my game is fairly decent, and when I started playing these balls, I noticed significant distance added with every club! I even drove 2 par fours in the same round with the score crusher!


Belleair Beach, FL

Handicap 0 - 5

BIGG Golf has done a great job creating a ball that has BIGG Performance without the BIG Price tag .. Which is why I buy more and shoot more often with these balls than any other brand. In the overall scheme of things these BIGG balls have inspired my confidence so much that I hit harder and longer than when I was in my early 20's .. If you are look for the best BANG for the BUCK - Go BIGG :)


Northdale, FL

Handicap 21 - 30

Plays like ProV1
I picked up a few boxes of these a couple of months ago and extremely happy with the ball. I'm not an avid golfer and tend to lose a few sleeves every round. I want to think my game is getting better but in the few rounds I've used these BIGG Golf balls, I'm on the fairway much more frequently. I also don't get as pissed it I sail one of these in the trees like I do with ProV1s. Found my new go-to ball!


Yakima, WA

Handicap 16 - 20

BIGG balls are awesome!
I love playing with these Bigg Balls! Greater distance and solid feel to them. My friends that played them also were impressed with the added distance and feel overall, even on the greens they loved them. Having birdied a hole in years and got two birdies after the first round out with these balls. And can't beat fun brand. Their Bigg Shot mugs are also very nice to have while on the course.
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