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Wilson Staff Duo Urethane Golf Balls

This item has been discontinued.

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Golfballs.com Expert Description

A standout in its category, the Wilson Staff DUO Urethane Golf Balls come in at an astonishingly low 55 compression, which is a full 13 points lower than the nearest competitor on the market. These incredibly soft balls yield lower spin on the driver and enhanced spin around the green for better play from tee to cup.

Super Soft 3-Piece Construction

Wilson Staff was able to get such a soft ball by incorporating a smaller 1.40-inch low compression core at the center of it all. Over the core lies the inner mantle layer, which consists of DuPont HPF for increased speed off the hit for improved distance. On top of it all is the cast urethane cover, which is soft and only 0.040-inches thin to impart better control and spin when it comes to approach and greenside shots. The new DUO Urethane Golf Balls also use a 362 seamless dimple pattern, further boosting distance and overall game performance.

Features of the Wilson Staff Duo Urethane Golf Balls:

  • The 3-piece 55 compression DUO Urethane is designed for the Feel player who demands tour performance
  • The DuPont HPF inner mantle layer provides velocity for maximum distance
  • The soft, thin cast urethane outer cover is the most premium material available and provides exceptional spin and control
  • 362 seamless dimple pattern results in optimized distance performance
  • Avg Rating: 4.5 out of 5
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    This is now my golf ball...
    ...I played this ball 2 days ago for the first time and loved it. I apparently have a slower swing speed (former back injury). The feel off the club face, including putter, was fantastic. Bonus: I felt like I could work the ball better than a higher compression ball.
    Gerry (Alamo Heights, TX)
    Handicap 11 - 15
    I'm 72 years old and suffered a stroke 8 years ago. It reduced my swing speed from 94 down to 79. The Wilson Staff Duo Urethane Golf balls gave me back some of my distance as well as control around the greens. I've tried just about every ball out there and the Duo Urethane is the best. IMHO
    JOHN (Riverside, CA)
    Handicap 16 - 20
    Ok golf balls
    I've played with Wison Staff Duo's before I tried these. For the price they just didn't have the feel I was hoping and looking for. Going back to Volvik and Titlest. Sorry Wilson for the cost I may as well play the best.
    sue (Kingsland, GA)
    Handicap 21 - 30
    best balls out
    Just found these in October of 2017 and gave them a try. In cold weather with their low compression they are incredible!They go straight! soft around greens so still working on the putting with them. Can't wait toll spring in warmer weather.
    john (Clermont, IN)
    Handicap 6 - 10
    Wilson Staff Duo U
    Love the ball, don't like the way they discolor I usually don't loose a lot of golf balls and these will be discolored in 1 to 2 rounds.
    Phil Norfleet (Lodge, IL)
    Handicap 6 - 10

    Frequently asked questions about

    I am 77years old my swing speed is only 78 miles per hour with driver what type of ball do you recommend I play in the mid 90s and play 2 or 3 times per week
    Ray heberts
    10/05/2016 8:00 PM
    From all the research I have done, I would say a ball with compression from the 30's to low 50's. I swing 95 and have loved the Bridgestone e6 for years. But I wanted a better cover so I am going to try these. Same compression but the Urethane cover. The other Wilson Duo and Duo Spin have compression in the 30's. That might be better at your swing speed.
    Mid Handicap Golfer: Mike
    10/06/2016 12:31 AM
    I recommend the Callaway Super soft or the Wilson Duo
    Golfballs.com Employee: Wes
    10/06/2016 8:09 AM
    Go to the Volvik balls. Try the orange Matte finish and try to lose it. Great distance, great feel, as good or better than the PRO V
    Mid Handicap Golfer: Smitty
    02/15/2017 6:41 PM
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