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Chromax Metallic Silver M5 Golf Balls - 6-Pack
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Chromax Metallic Silver M5 Golf Balls - 6-Pack


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Product Description

Stand out in the air and on the green with the Chromax Metallic Silver M5 Golf Balls. The M5 is a 2-piece construction golf ball with high playability. The M5 uses proprietary coating technology from Chromax for an extremely high reflection that conforms to USGA and R&A rules.

  • 2-piece distance golf ball
  • Patented metallic silver coating for easy visibility
  • 75 compression core
  • 302 dimple design for extra distance

Product Reviews

Avg Rating: 4 out of 5 User Ratings & Reviews (3)


Franklinville, NY

Handicap 11 - 15

Distance and iron play
I purchased a half dozen in 2021 and liked their visibility along with the way they played. They improved my drives, I'm hitting less fades and longer distance. Plus the feel around the greens have been contributing to my lower scores. I have noticed minor imperfections in the cover. I definitely noticed I'm making less putts with this ball whether from my error or its true roll I'm not sure. But I recently ordered 2 dozen more because I'm a fan on being able to find your ball instead of having to take a drop.


Handicap 30+

Best logo golf balls
This will be our 25th "Chief's" annual golf tournament and I believe this is the best logo golf ball ever. Thank you so much for help and support in our non-profit annual golf tournament. With your support and others we can continue to support our local VA home and the local JROTC groups in Bay County, FL.


Pensaukee, WI

Handicap 11 - 15

They are playable
I found a Chromax ball on a course a few weeks back and played it for a couple holes and thought it was OK. I didn't look at the model, but thought I would buy some for the fall since I have trouble finding golf balls in the falling leaves. That ball was very visible, especially if the sun was out. I bought the M5's thinking they would be good. They are also OK, but don't feel as good as that ball I found. Visibly, there are air bubbles in or under the clear outer cover, injector or ejector grooves in the cover, and they are harder than expected at 75 compression. I have a very hard time controlling them off my driver compared to my normal ball, and I can't get them to check up on a green at all. I few times, I chipped the M5 and my normal Bridgestone E6 from the same spot, and consistently the M5 rolled out more than 6-12ft further than the E6. I also found they were a few yards shorter than the E6, even off wedges. The biggest issue I had was in putting. They are very clicky off the face, and about half of them do not roll very straight. They have a wobble, almost like a bowling ball where they roll straight a couple feet and then come off center in either direction. Not horribly, but enough that I missed more than one putt I normally wouldn't have. On the other hand, I only lost one ball, which spun wildly off my driver into the woods. Even shots into blind areas, once you have a view these thing reflect and shine like a mirror. They are awesome that way, but certainly not as good for playability. So, I gave them 3 stars because they do the main thing they are designed to, they are extremely visible - way above average in that category. Everywhere else, they are better than a true novelty ball, but below average for a ball at this price point.
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