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Bridgestone e6 Soft Yellow Logo Overrun Golf Balls

Avg Rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Golfballs.com Expert Description

Achieve more spin on shorter shots with Bridgestone’s e6 Soft Yellow Golf Balls. These balls are designed to fly straighter and farther while allowing players to easily find their ball on the course with its distinct yellow coloring.

Straight Ball Flight

Bridgestone has collected data on over 2 million golf fittings which concluded that most players would benefit from a straighter ball flight path. The e6 Soft golf ball does exactly that; it flies through the air 9 yards father and 31% straighter than competitors’ balls.

Delta Wing Dimples

Bridgestone reinvented ball dimples. Their Delta Wing Dimples were created through extensive ball fitting to create a more aerodynamic ball with a straighter flight path to fit more players. The new dimples were also designed to reduce the dreaded pop-up.

Optic Yellow Golf Ball

Save on markers by using e6 Soft yellow golf balls to differentiate your ball from your friends. The bright color also helps to enhance optics in low light conditions or for aging eyes. The coloring also allows your eyes to easily focus on the ball on the tee, through flight, and when locating it on the course.

Product Features of Bridgestone e6 Soft Yellow Golf Balls:

  • Softer armor cover
  • Soft distance
  • Anti-side spin mantle
  • Straight soft core

Avg Rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Best women’s ball
I bought these for my wife, who plays them exclusively. The Bridgestone E6 Soft is the best ball for women because (a) it has a low compression rating, and (b) the ball reduces sidespin, so the ball goes straight. These features give women the extra distance they need.
Tom (Monrovia, CA)
Handicap 16 - 20
Logo Overruns, a great deal
I recently purchased a few dozen Bridgestone e6 soft yellow balls classified as logo overruns. They arrived quickly in Golfballs.com boxes and are perfectly good new balls without any logos, just the regular e6 printing. They are an older version, but look and work great. They were as cheap as I have found anywhere.
Robert (Catalina, AZ)
Handicap 11 - 15
Love the price and quality of the Bridgestone yellow balls
Jim (Orlando, FL)
Handicap 21 - 30
well worth it
I have been ordering from golfballs.com for years,have never been disappointed .ordered logo over runs 4 times, only actually received logoed balls once, and that was florida gators and texas longhorns.other than that received brand new clean balls,so if you are worried about receiving lousy logos, I think chances are good you'll like your purchase.
dan (Waterbury, CT)
Handicap 0 - 5
E-6 Soft logo overruns
No actual logos, just sparkling new yellow E-6s. Packaged in the generic cardboard dozen box we’ve all know and love. One teeny-tiny problem: the third dozen was actually only. 11 balls. But still a smoking deal.
Handicap 11 - 15

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With improving my swing skills I'm looking for "MY new balls" as the alternative of "Lady Precept". Is this a reasonable choice?
09/01/2018 11:49 AM
Golfballs.com Employee: Jake
09/01/2018 11:52 AM
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Por favor recomendarme una pelota (marca y tipo) para: SENIOR CON HANDICAP ALTO Gracias
Nicolás López
06/27/2018 1:34 PM
Bridgestone E6 soft
Mid Handicap Golfer:
09/18/2018 4:03 PM
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Bridgestone e6 SOFT Optic Yellow. Are these the new 2017 model ?- The picture of the golf ball box online, does NOT have "NEW for 2017" in the upper left-hand corner of the box. I am looking for the "NEW for 2017" balls. Please advise. Thanks, Tim
12/17/2017 1:12 PM
Yes they are the newest model.
Golfballs.com Employee: Caleb
12/17/2017 3:39 PM
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