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PING Glide Steel Wedge - 60 Degree Thin Sole - CFS Wedge Shaft Wedge Flex - Right Hand

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Product SkuC1931-NRHT060THICFSW
Loft60 Degree
BounceThin Sole
Shaft ModelCFS Wedge
Shaft FlexWedge
Your Price$99.00
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$19.95 Expert Description

While most club manufacturers focus on the development on the head and then work their way up, PING reinvented its process to emphasize the Glide Steel Wedge's technology in the grip. This overhaul in the design process takes a closer look at how professional golfers hold, swing, and interact with the club, enabling PING to create a wedge tailored to promote a better golf swing.

Exclusive Construction from Grip to Sole

The exclusive Dyla-wedge grip is slightly longer (3/4 of an inch) than your average one, which encourages players to get a firm grip and choke down on the club for deeper control over the trajectory. Markings every 1 3/8-inches along the tapered grip indicate optimal hand placement, depending on the shot.

The lightweight 118-gram wedge shaft connects to the head with a slightly angled hosel to create a more comfortable feel at address. The CFS lightweight shaft is primed with a great balance and flex for lower launch angles, improved feel, control, and stability of your shots.

The Glide wedge offers three sole grinds in wide (WS), standard (SS), and thin (TS), allowing you to dig under the ball and "glide" through any surface with control and stability. The 431 stainless steel face softens the feel, which further enhances control and precision. The clubface incorporates a chrome plating finish that repels moisture. This provides the necessary friction, even in slick weather conditions.

Loft-optimized Options

The PING Glide Wedge comes in a variety of lofts and soul grinds, each with a different set of Gorge grooves. These grooves contain differentiating radiuses and sidewall angles to tighten the spin and yield results that are more consistent.

Find 16-degree sidewall angles in lofts 47-54 to provide more friction and control for longer shots; and 24-degree sidewall angles and a more compact radius in the 56-60 loft wedges to grab the ball on impact and provide more spin for precise short shots

These features combine to give you a more customizable club for each type of shot, rather than a "one-size suits all" solution.

Features of the 2015 PING Glide Steel Wedge:

  • Receive control of your short game from 431 stainless steel that softens the feel and provides more accuracy and control
  • Proprietary Dyla-wedge grip produced from an examination of how the best short-game professionals hold and use the club
  • Modifiable loft settings bring greater versatility
  • 13 total loft and sole arrangements

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