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PING G400 SFT Driver

This item has been discontinued.

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Golfballs.com Expert Description

Get straighter balls that fly farther with PING’s G400 SFT Driver. To produce a straighter ball flight, PING set out to help players square the club’s face. They use a tungsten weight in the boundary of the club head that sits low and back and use a lighter swing weight to improve right handed player’s game. The tungsten weight also helps to improve forgiveness. Its ultra-thin crown and skirt produce weight savings to increase MOI and optimize the center of gravity’s location.

Advance Face Flex Design

To make a hotter and faster face, PING developed a forging process that uses a heat-treatment. This design improves distances across all of the face, even on mishits, by allowing the thinner face to flex 16% more.

Adjustable Driver

You can adjust your swing weight with the help of a high density back weight. You are also able to adjust your loft +-1 degree to optimize launch.

Drag Reductions

To reduce drag by 40% and mid downswing drag by 15%, PING’s engineers designed an incredibly aerodynamic clubhead shape that features Turbulator and Vortex Technology. The drag reduction is created by reducing friction with air pushing back on the driver during its downswing.

Sound and Color Improvements

For improved aesthetics, PING utilized color shifting technology on its shaft to make the vibrant copper color change as it moves through the light. For better sound you can feel, this club’s internal rib structure was computer engineered for a solid sound at impact.

Features of the PING G400 SFT Driver:

  • Perfect for right handed players to aid them in squaring the face for straighter ball flight & longer distances
  • The reduction in the crown and skirt’s weight allowed the CG to be relocated to improve MOI
  • For improved launch, the club’s loft is adjustable +-1 degree
  • The combination of the new club head shape with improved Turbulators and Vortex Technology reduces drag
  • Computer engineering was used to develop the club’s internal rib structure for improved acoustics

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