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Volvik Vivid Matte Red Golf Balls

Avg Rating: 5.0 out of 5
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Product SkuB2180-NMAT
ColorMatte Red
Pack of12
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$29.95 Expert Description

Find vibrant colors without all the glare with the Volvik Vivid Matte Red Golf Balls. The first of their kind, these matte balls truly stand out both in the air and on the turf, and perform with the same level of quality as the standard models. A great option if you have a slow to medium swing speed (between 60-95 mph), they also have an 80 compression with a 64 cover hardness rating.

Three-Piece Construction

A patented dual core contains both a firmer inner portion and a softer outer layer to push shots farther but still feel soft on impact. Surrounding the entirety of the ball is the Zirconium Z-I Outer Cover, which provides a soft feel with excellent durability while utilizing a 350-Octahedron dimple pattern for enhanced accuracy and ball flight.The Bismuth control layer between the cover and the core adds more regulation over shot making, especially around the green.

Vivid, Unique Red Coloring

The matte finish on the Vivid Red golf balls is unlike any other on the market. Not only does the ball come in an assortment of vibrant colors, but the coating makes it easier to track both in the air and in the grass. While this ball travels far and fast off the tee and turf, its soft cover makes putting a breeze. Combined with a distance putter line printed on the cover, and you can easily align shots to the cup.

Features of the Volvik Vivid Matte Red Golf Balls:

  • Matte Red neon colored finish makes for easy locating in the rough, air, or turf to quicken the pace of play
  • Soft cover contains a putting line for better alignment
  • 350-octahedron dimple pattern for a straighter, more stable ball flight
  • Better control around the green with excellent distance off the tee
  • Best for players with swings between 60-95 mph

Avg Rating: 5.0 out of 5
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Best ball every used for distance
Found this ball one day used it for several rounds. Played with my friend that usually would outdrive me by 15 to 20 yards. With this ball I was equal distance and sometimes further than him even after using it for several rounds.
Steve (Brooks Isle, IL)
Handicap 6 - 10
Golf Balls
Very pleased with the price, service and shipment of the Volvik Red Matte golf balls that I ordered for my wife. First the price was cheaper than anywhere else and a message was added for free and the best part my wife loves them. If your looking for golf balls this is the place to order from I know that I'll be ordering again
Jim (Meskegon, MI)
Handicap 20-30
Wife love these golf balls. Bright colours and great distance at a fair price.
Leo (Brooksville, FL)
Handicap 10 - 15
Best golf Balls EVER!
I'm a 68yr old senior who started this spring with 170yd drives and a super high handicap. Through hard work and practice (if I my boost a bit), I broke 90, and had a 249 and 245 yd drive this week. Hard work, practice, and the Volvik Vivid. My swing speed has gone from the 70s to approaching 102mph (driver) and the Volvik Vivid has always been my ball. Only now it is really carrying and rolling out. To be honest, I like the Srixon Q-Star and the Bridgestone E6 but the Volvik has them beat in distance and definitely in stopping power on the greens. I hit some hybrids to some par 3's and the Volvik Vivid stops better than any ball I've tried. (I'm even getting to repair ball marks now as I hit more greens). In my honest opinion, slow or fast (but maybe not super-pro fast) swings, you can't find a better ball. Color? Well, The red is my favorite because it is certainly the easiest to find in the second cut of rough. The ball holds up nicely during the round and if I don't lose it to the ponds (they don't float :) ), They are ready to go again. Cheers and thanks to all! Happy Golfing with Volvik Vivid!
Frank (Moore, SC)
Handicap 20-30
Never Lose Again
Because of the high visibility color of these golf balls is it almost impossible to lose these golf balls on the course - unless that is if you end up in the water and even then in many cases you can see it glowing in the water depths. For me these golf balls also have a very good hit feel and I get extra yardage from using these golf balls. Since using these golf balls I have yet torn or put a slice in the face cover. I use three (3) different colors based on the color of the sky and course that I am playing. Red, Pink and Yellow are all in my bag. Pink seems to be the best color over all. But Yellow and Red can do just as well if not better on specific days and golf courses. On the first three holes I use each color and then on the fourth hole I make a decision what color I will use for the rest of the holes.
Andrew (Las Vegas, NV)
Handicap 20-30

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