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Nitro Tour Distance Golf Balls

Avg Rating: 3.5 out of 5
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$4.95 Expert Description

No matter what club you hit with, the Nitro Tour Distance Golf Balls will see your shots exploding off the clubface. A great option for any golfer, but specifically for those with higher swing speeds, these balls have low spin in the air and more roll. However, players still experience great experience across the green.

Titanium Core

A titanium core efficiently transfers energy from swing to shot, meaning your ball gains serious yardage off tee and turf. A symmetrical dimple design on the lithium Surlyn cover ensures your hits fly higher, faster, and farther. The casing's materials prevent cuts and enhance spin control on the green.

Features of the Nitro Tour Distance Golf Balls:

  • Super reactive titanium core maximizes the energy transfer from club head to the ball
  • 2-piece construction insures explosive distance off your metalwoods and ultimate stopping ability with your irons
  • Dupont lithium surlyn cut proof cover for long term durability and maximum spin control
  • Aerodynamic & symmetrical dimple design increased lift and decreases drag for higher, longer shots

Avg Rating: 3.5 out of 5
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Poor customer service
I hadn't made a purchase for over a year. In the meantime, I had moved. I then place a new order and didn't review the address. The order shipped to my old address and by the time I noticed, I could not stop it from being delivered. I called the carrier and they said to call the shipper ( I did that and they would not even attempt to have the carrier go back and pick up the delivered package and reroute it to my new address. All they offered was for me to place a new order. I thought that in the spirit of good customer service, they should have attempted to remedy the situation by contacting FedEx even though I caused the problem. Since they refused to help, they have lost a customer for good.
Kory (Auburn, CA)
Handicap 20-30
Played these "cheap" balls for the first time in a long time yesterday. I hit them longer than Titleist, Taylormade, Callaway, Noodle--any other ball! I'm talking 20-30 yards further. This is now my go-to ball. I also like the new logo better than the old "bold" font. These look very professional.
Jim (Burkburnett, TX)
Handicap 20-30
I received these balls as a Christmas gift and was initially a little insulted that they weren't Titleists or Callaways or other big name ball. I finally decided to play them yesterday. I had been complaining the whole front nine about my lack of distance no matter how well I thought I hit the ball (using a Noodle, Callaway and a Maxfli. After switching to these Nitro's for the back nine, I started keeping up with and even outhitting my playing partners. This is now my go-to ball. And the sleek new logo looks much better than the old bold font. These look classy, unlike the old ones. So, call me pleasantly surprised
Jim (Burkburnett, TX)
Handicap 20-30

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