Product Description

The new Bridgestone e12 CONTACT is straight distance you can see! The true game-changer is a new CONTACT Force dimple, which features a unique structure with a raised area in the center and an outer portion that slows horizontal rotation during flight. The raised area allows for 38% more contact with the clubface at impact than traditional dimples, yielding a much more efficient transfer of energy and improved core activation. The result is faster ball speed and straight distance with every club in the bag.

  • Delivering 38% more contact at impact for more ball speed and distance with driver; more friction and control with wedges
  • The Active Acceleration Mantle is comprised of a new High Performance Polymer material with added surfactant
  • The Active Acceleration Mantle creates increased thrust and higher initial ball velocity at impact

Product Reviews

Avg Rating: 4.6 out of 5 User Ratings & Reviews (7)


Handicap 11 - 15

Personalized Golf Balls
Highly impressed! Ordering is easy and received in a very timely manner. Can't go wrong ordering for yourself and as a gift!


Handicap 0 - 5

Not my favorite Bridgestone e12
I personally found the Bridgestone e12 Contact to feel much harder and not have the distance I get with e12 soft. It was also not as straight as the e12 soft.


Handicap 16 - 20

decent performance.
Since Bridgestone discontinued the E6 soft, I have been looking for a comparable ball. Been using the Callaway SuperSoft and the Taylor Made Soft Response. The E12 Contact is comparable with the above mentioned with slightly a few more yards.


Handicap 11 - 15

Great Service, Great Communication
From beginning to end, I always knew where my order was in the process. Excellent job with our order.


Handicap 16 - 20

5/28/2021 ROCK!
This is my regular go-to source for imprinted golf balls. I was given the name, "Tommie 1-Putt" by my golfing peers. That name has stuck, and is now on my balls. Needing to purchase new golf balls on occasion, I found as a great source for imprinted golf balls. Being in the advertising specialty business on the side, I know how important customer service is! This group provides top notch service! ***** <--- 5 Stars!


Handicap 11 - 15

E12 Contact
It is better than E'6s and the other E series models.


Handicap 6 - 10

Great Customer Service
Had a little issue with a product delivery. Once I notified them of the issue, they immediately got on it and had the product to me within a few day. Thanks for the great customer service