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Bridgestone Tour B330-S ID-Align Golf Balls - Buy 2 DZ Get 1 DZ Free

This item has been discontinued.

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$7.95 Expert Description

Find the spin your game needs with the Bridgestone Tour B330 S golf balls! Engineered specifically for players with swing speeds over 105 mph, these balls are firm yet still have some softness to impart outstanding spin on shots from the rough and around the green. Worried about distance? The B330 S also manages to impart less spin on shots from your driver and other woods.

Bigger Core

With a 6-percent larger TOURcore and more severe softness gradient from the inner core to the outer part, you get a ball that delivers exceptional velocities off the tee with less spin on the driver. The minimal amount of layers in the B330 S also allows for a more efficient transfer of energy from swing to ball, further enhancing speeds.

Optimized Spin

The revolutionary SlipRes cover incorporates the highest friction coefficient rating possible to deliver an amazing amount of spin around the green, while simultaneously preserving spin on shots from the rough and reducing it on driver plays. What this means for you is that this cover gives you the optimal spin off any shot for distance or control when you need it most. Plus, with its ability to self-repair and a softer coating, you get more playability even after repeated use.

Enhanced Consistency and Aerodynamics

The cover also incorporates SCT (Seamless Cover Technology) and 330 Dual Dimple Technology to deliver better flight consistency and less drag. The SCT shifts the dimples to eliminate the straight part line found on most balls, giving your plays better accuracy on each shot. Peppered among the standard dimples are smaller indents that fill in the spaces and minimize wind resistance to push shots higher, faster. The larger dimples lessen the steepness of the descent angle, giving you more roll for that added distance upon landing.

Features of the Bridgestone Tour B330 S Golf Balls:

  • SCT and 330 Dual Dimple cover delivers less drag for farther flying shots
  • SlipRes increases friction to impart the perfect amount of spin for greenside shots and plays from the rough
  • Larger, firmer core imparts exceptional distance off the tee to shave off some strokes
  • Best for swings speed over 105 mph
  • High spin for high swing speed players

Avg Rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Great Service
It's as advertised. Prompt service, great price and the brand i play. You can't go wrong!
cameron (Pleasanton, CA)
Handicap 0 - 5
Bridgestone Tour B3330 and B330-S Ball
For a season I played with Bridgestone Tour B300 and noticed the ball was not checking up on the greens as usual. I played at least fifteen different courses and notice the same behavior with the Tour B330 even with my wedges into the green. Maybe my swing/contact on the ball has changed a bit and I have lost spin on the ball. Three weeks ago I decided to purchase golf balls that were on sale and found the Tour B330-S ball for just under $30 a dozen. This is my winter purchase for next season and I decided to try the Tour B330-S in hope to increase the spin on the ball on contact as Bridgestone advertises. What can go wrong? Tiger, just three days ago signed a new contract with Bridgestone and selected Bridgestone Tour B330-S the ball of his choice. Get them before they go up in price.
ocmamacusa (APO, AP)
Handicap 6 - 10

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