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Callaway Golf CXR Control Logo Overrun Golf Balls
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Callaway Golf CXR Control Logo Overrun Golf Balls

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What is a Logo Overrun?

An overrun is a brand new ball often with some type of imprint, normally a name or logo.

In some cases, overruns will have no printing on the ball at all.

Although brand new, they are typically packaged in bulk boxes.

Product Description

The new Callaway CXR Control golf ball moves away from the line up of distance balls and offers much more than that. Yes, the CXR has some great distance off the tee, but you will also be getting the fantastic feel around the greens.

Distance and Greenside Control

This is a three-piece golf ball, so that naturally helps to improve greenside capabilities. When the CXR Control comes off the clubface, you will have a lot of greenside control. If you are a mid handicap player looking to move away from a pure distance ball and start going towards a ball that gives you both feel and distance, the CXR is an excellent choice. Another positive you will find with this golf ball is that the HEX dimple pattern helps reduce drag on the golf ball.

Features of Callaway Golf CXR Control Golf Balls:

  • 3-piece construction
  • Promotes a ball flight that is further and straighter
  • Resilient mantle provides incredible speed and distance
  • Durable Ionomer cover and HEX Aerodynamic design results in a longer ball flight
  • HEX Aerodynamic provides reduced drag, more accuracy and a better feel

Product Reviews

Avg Rating: 5 out of 5 User Ratings & Reviews (7)


Seekonk, MA

Handicap 30 +

Calloway golf balls
I luckily found a new Calloway golf ball close to the rough in the shmootz, (rough) I tried it, and wow what a difference. The distance, and solid sound, truly left me feeling amazed. I bought a sleeve of them. I don't know if it is just me, but what a difference. I purchased overruns from Golf, and my driver, myself, didn't notice a difference when the ball went airborne. They are bulletproof.


Evans, GA

Handicap 6 - 10

Durable and Responsive
I recently switched to these Callaway CXR from another brand and like their fell and durability. They perform well in all situations and I have absolutely no complaints. The logo overruns don't bother me at all and in most cases their is no flaw. I also enjoy the various logos that are printed on the balls as do some of my fellow golfers. They have started buying these overruns as well.


Dallas, TX

Handicap 16 - 20

Best Value Ball
These balls are perfect for me, a senior golfer. They perform well and feel right on a wide variety of shots. I've ordered them several times the past few years. Best thing about logo overruns is that if they have one (I've found most don't) I don't have to mark them myself.