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Oakley golf shirts, pants, hats and sunglasses in all the latest styles for a sharp look on the course. Browse entire Oakley golf apparel line.
Oakley entered the golf scene in the early 2000’s and many professionals adopted their technological eyewear on and off the course. But recently, Oakley golf gear has exploded across the PGA Tour. Using the same amount of research and vision that was put into their sunglasses, they now offer a wide range of Oakley golf shirts and apparel. Golfers are starting to see more and more of the Oakley brand on the golf course. And if recent events have any bearing on the future, Oakley is here to stay.


Oakley Men's Divisional Polo Oakley Men's Divisional Polo
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Oakley Men's Four Jack Gradient Polo Oakley Men's Four Jack Gradient Polo
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