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4 yards More Golf Tees have undergone rigorous testing and have been proven to give you almost four yards more than if you used wooden tees. Thanks to the separate fingers on the crown flex, your ball will fly with less friction and ball spin. With our a variety of sizes, it's easy to find the right 4 Yards More tee for your game.

4 Yards More

4 Yards More Assorted Golf Tees - 4 CT 4 Yards More Assorted Golf Tees - 4 CT
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Watch your ball launch off the tee and extend your drive by 3.9 yards more than before with 4 Yards More golf tees. Avoid leaving a trail of disposable golf tees from one hole to the next thanks to the multi-material construction of the 4 Yards More golf tee that can withstand over 100 hits, bringing you the stability of wood yet with better performance. Available in a variety of sizes ranging from the 'small' at 3 1/4 inches, to the 'extreme' 4 inch tee, it shouldn't be hard to find a tee from 4 Yards More to suit your needs at Golfballs.com.