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Taylor Made r7 CGB Max Iron Set

This item has been discontinued.
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Manufacturer Description

  • Large, thin, high-strength steel clubface promotes high COR for faster ball speed and increased distance
  • Extra-large clubhead with tungsten weights increases MOI for greater stability and forgiveness
  • SuperFast Technology reduces total club weight and promotes faster swing speed for added distance
  • Inverted Cone Technology expands the high COR zone to promote higher ball speed on off-center hits for more distance shot to
  • ยป Hollow topline allows CG to be moved back deep in the clubhead for incredibly easy launch on a towering, distance-enhancing

Avg Rating: 5.0 out of 5
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User Ratings & Reviews (2 Reviews)

Great clubs, be aware
Just bought these clubs and I hope I like them as much as I much as I think I will from hitting them at the range. One big thing to be aware of is that they are "tweaked" -- a 6 iron is lofted much like a 4 iron for other clubs. I was wondering why I was hitting the 6 iron over 200 yards -- that's why.. It's still a great club - very forgiving and very easy to hit. But be aware of the lofting issue - nobody told me that..
Eric (Morristown, NJ)
Handicap 10 - 15
These clubs can easily knock someone out with a quick blow to the back of the head.
Handicap 0 - 5

Frequently asked questions about

My wife has a set of Taylormade R7 GBS clubs and needs a six iron. I would like to buy her one.
10/18/2009 2:12 PM
I apologize but I can no longer get the individual irons to complete your set as this iron set has been discontinued. Employee: Andy
10/19/2009 11:32 AM
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I am a very short male. I have a wrist height of 31" what do I do if i can't find the clubs online with my correct height?
Benjamin K
08/12/2009 2:01 AM
For all current new iron sets I can take a custom order and have the manufacturer build it to your spec as needed. If you need the lie angle adjusted flat and the shaft lengths shortened it should not be a problem if you dont mind the 4-5 business day lead time before shipping. Give me a call at 1-800-372-2557 at your earliest convenience if you would like some more information. Thanks. Andy. Employee: Andy
08/12/2009 9:48 AM
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I keep reading about length of shaft, measuring wrist to floor, I am short, so what does this measurement tell me and how do I apply it to shaft length
06/02/2009 9:17 AM
Thank you for your question in regard to shaft lengths. The measurement from wrist to floor will determine which length you will need your shaft set at. Typically, shorter golfer will need their irons/woods cut down in order to maximize proper impact. Please determine the length of your arm from wrist to floor from a standing upright position with your arms at your side and I can determine the optimal length for you. Employee: Andy
06/03/2009 10:21 AM
Also your wrist to floor measurement will determine what lie angle you need. I'm 5'3" and I needed my clubs flattened 3 degrees from standard! Look into it!
Low Handicap Golfer: Luke
08/13/2009 1:06 PM
Yes there are many things to be taken into consideration but the easiest way is to go to a golf shop and many will fit you properly to what you need as far as lie angle and length.
Low Handicap Golfer: Casey Brown
05/31/2012 12:29 AM
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