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Wilson Staff Duo Golf Balls

Avg Rating: 5 out of 5
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$29.95 Expert Description

Longer. Softer. And more amazing than anything you’ve ever played. There’s no question that Duo is a true performance double take. It’s the longest ball Wilson has ever made and the softest ball on the market. Its true performance value and distinctive feel set it apart from every other distance ball. See for yourself. Take the Duo Challenge and find out why 8 out of 10 golfers who try Duo, switch.

Wilson Staff Duo Golf Balls are the softest golf balls on the market. At only 40 compression these balls are guaranteed to provide soft feel throughout the entire game. Duo Golf Balls may be soft but that doesn't mean they sacrifice distance. The Duo's low spin off the tee provides maximum distance off the driver so you will be set up for a perfect approach, maybe even a putt. Get more distance and amazing soft feel. Wilson Duo Golf Balls: Long and Soft.

40 Compression for Amazing Soft Feel.

At only half that compression of the average leading competitor balls, Wilson Duo Golf Balls are the softest balls on market. Get amazing feel from your ball for all 18 holes. The softer feel also improves playability around the greens.

High C.O.R. for high velocity and exceptional distance.

Get amazingly fast initial velocity and maximum distance off your drives. Low spin off the tee means you go as far as you need to, every time.

Seamless 302 Dimple Pattern

The scientifically formulated 302 dimple pattern is aerodynamically designed to cut through the air and stabilize for maximum straight distance off the tee.

  • More control due to reduce spin off the driver.
  • Soft around the Green: Softer feel for improved playability around the greens.
  • A crazy, soft ball that is half the compression of the average leading competitor balls.

Avg Rating: 5 out of 5
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User Ratings & Reviews (34 Reviews) Staff Review: from Luke
Awesome Ball for Seniors
One of the very softest balls on the market. Really popular with older players who have seen their swing speeds fall over the years. This 40 compression ball will feel excellent off your clubs and really capitalize on a non-tour level swing speed for maximum distance. With a price of under $20.00 this ball is hard to beat.
Luke (Lafayette, LA)
Handicap 10 - 15
Very nice golf ball
Love this ball, long and soft, what else does a golfer need out of a golf ball? pay half of what you would for other balls when you can get the same performance out of this ball.
Phil (Fayetteville, TN)
Handicap 6 - 10
Wilson Staff Duo
Great low compression balls. Perfect for slower swings. Side by side shots between 5 and 10 yards further.
Javier Ibarluzea (Hollywood, FL)
Handicap 30 +
Great Balls
I am 65+ year old golfer. Heard about these from a fellow golf buddy. Great ball for seniors. Soft feel, good spin and no loss in distance. Love how they feel and respond.
dan (Westerville, OH)
Handicap 6 - 10
Excellent Golf Ball for the Price
In my opinion, this is the best $20/dozen ball on the market. very good distance off the driver, soft feel, and I am able to spin them when I need to. Very good ball, even better price.
Tom (Humble, TX)
Handicap 6 - 10

Frequently asked questions about

I love the Zip; 54 yrs old, swing speed w driver about 100, 8'handicap----what's the best Wilson Staff ball for me? Thanks!
07/31/2013 7:18 PM
Go with the Duo, no doubt about it! Employee: Johnny
08/02/2013 9:37 AM
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What is the right ball for a senior guy with a swing speed of under 100? Thanks, KM
Keith Miller
09/18/2012 9:13 AM
KM, Go with the Duo, it's a great ball! Employee: Johnny
09/18/2012 10:49 AM
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Does the Wilson Staff Duo golf ball come in yellow? Thanks, William Meyer
William Meyer
07/23/2012 1:19 PM
It does not. Currently only available in white. Employee: Johnny
07/23/2012 1:32 PM
it is available in yellow as of january 1 2013
Mid Handicap Golfer: al
01/06/2013 11:14 AM
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