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Noodle Noodle Ice Golf Balls

This item is out of stock
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Manufacturer Description

  • 2-Piece Construction - Low Compression
  • Clear Colored Surlyn cover
  • Lively core is both super fast and low spinning off the driver for greater distance
  • Dimple Patterns promotes a high, long-carrying trajectory

Avg Rating: 4.5 out of 5
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User Ratings & Reviews (18 Reviews)

Noodle Ice
I love this ball. I'm not a strong hitter, so it works great for me. I do get a lot of distance with my drive. Also, I feel I have more controle on the green.
Tammy (Lyons, KS)
Handicap 0 - 5
Great ball~
I have been using these balls for about a month and noticed that my driving distance has increased by 100+ yards. Now I can keep up with the big boys. Dwight
Dwight (Fort Macarthur, CA)
Handicap 0 - 5
Maxi Noodle Ice
I really like the feel of this ball. My drives are going a lot further than my playing partners who use the more expensive ones. I also like the color co-ordination with my golf outfits.
Dwight (Fresno, CA)
Handicap 0 - 5
I really like the Maxfli Noodle Ice Balls. I just wish the color purple wasn't included. They are ugly and hard to see!
Gloria Thies (Benton, KY)
Handicap 0 - 5
JAIME (Fort Worth, TX)
Handicap 0 - 5

Frequently asked questions about

Do they make them in white
08/12/2009 12:04 PM
Hi, thanks for the question. This ball was made in white, but we no longer carry it. -Parker Employee: Parker
08/12/2009 2:11 PM
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Is the color scheme in the picture the same color scheme that will be received?
stephan wittmer
08/06/2009 10:49 AM
Hi, thanks for the question. These are the colors that will be in the mixed colors packaging. These are the only ones available at this time. -Parker Employee: Parker
08/06/2009 12:55 PM
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I need 2 to 3 dozen maxfi noodle ice golf balls in the color tangerine, can you help.
Ken Smith
07/27/2009 1:51 PM
Why don't you check out the website
Low Handicap Golfer: W
07/28/2009 12:15 AM
Thank you for your question. I do regret to inform you that we will not be getting any of the tangerine color. The mixed colors are the only one we will continue to carry. -Parker Employee: Parker
07/28/2009 9:54 AM
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