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Callaway Golf Speed Regime 2 Golf Balls

Avg Rating: 4.5 out of 5
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$47.95 Expert Description

Here is a simple, game changing fact: The SR 2 has been designed to have the best aerodynamic performance for athletic swing speeds between 90mph and 105mph. So yes, if your swing speed falls in this range, we’re talking directly to you. Our HEX pattern is specifically engineered to reduce drag at high speeds and increase lift at low speeds with a long, stable, penetrating ball flight that holds its line in the wind. And that means more distance.

Customized Aerodynamics

Callaway Golf Speed Regime 2 Golf Balls feature optimal aerodynamics to provide longer distance and straighter shots when hit with athletic swing speeds of 90mph to 105mph. If you're looking to hit the ball farther than ever before and you have an athletic swing speed, this is the ball for you.

Custom Designed for Swing Speeds between 90mph and 105 mph

Optimal for the golfer with an above average swing speed, Callaway Speed Regime 2 Golf Balls will maximize your performance and transfer every bit of energy your swing can produce for long, accurate results. The custom designed aerodynamics will take advantage of all of the energy produced in a 90-105mph shot for outstanding results off the tee.

Softest Urethane Cover

The enhanced urethane cover offers incredible soft feel on drives and Tour-level control around the green for a professional experience.

Superior Spin Separation

The optimized aerodynamics design allows for optimal spin conditions for distance off the tee and control around the green. Reduced spin off the tee delivers a longer drive with fewer hooks and slices. Increased spin around the green let's you place the ball exactly where you want it, every time.

  • For swing speeds between 90-105mph
  • Optimized aerodynamic performance, more distance for athletic speeds
  • Very soft urethane cover delivers Tour-level control, incredibly soft feel
  • Superior spin separation regulates spin & control, increases ball speed & maximizes distance

Avg Rating: 4.5 out of 5
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User Ratings & Reviews (2 Reviews) Staff Review: from Luke
Tour Level Ball for the Masses
Callaway’s Tour ball for the highest percentage of golfers. The SR 2 has a great combination of soft compression, a durable cover and great feel around green. This ball balances drag at high speeds and lift at low speeds aiming to provide the most distance. There should be no give or take regarding distance and feel, this ball will have both.
Luke (Lafayette, LA)
Handicap 10 - 15
Better than SR3 and Lethal
My go to ball is typically the TM lethal which in my opinion is the best all around ball I've played...Until now. I have a SS right around 103-105 average which puts me really between the sr2 and sr3. So I had the boys at send me a dzn lethal (needed to stock up), sr2 and sr3 right when they were released. Went on the course when no one else was on and would randomly draw a ball and tee off of each hole. Found the SR2 and lethal to be equally long with the Sr3 even on solid drives to be shorter(SR3 out after first 9). The SR2 off my irons has a great sound and seems to respond better than the lethal. spins just as good and is a little softer than the lethal on the greens which is better for me as our club usually runs the greens at a 10-11 (min). Winner for me was SR2. Hopefully that may help anyone stuck between swing speeds like me.
Jason (Saint Augustine, FL)
Handicap 6 - 10

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