Should you Buy Specialty All-Weather or Customized Golf Shoes

In order to make a decision about all-weather golf shoes, it is obviously important to take the climate in which you play into consideration. Hopefully the golf course that you frequent on a regular basis will be in sunny climates; however, if you aren’t so geographically lucky or play very frequently, it’s wise to invest in footwear that can keep up with your tenacity.

Brands like FootJoy, Adidas and Nike all offer all-weather shoes that are perfect for a variety of weather conditions. What makes these items different from the rest? For starters, the exteriors are treated to make them water-resistant and are sometimes made out of synthetic materials that are crafted to look like leather, yet can withstand consistent exposure to moisture. Look for all-weather shoes that offer reliable treading and/or spikes, as slick conditions obviously make it much easier to lose your balance. Also take into account the internal lining, as this feature will help to keep your feet warm and dry during those wetter, colder days.

One recommendation is to inquire about the dress code of your favorite golf courses, as you may be disheartened to be turned away because of your footwear. Believe it or not, some golf clubs can be fairly picky about coloring, and some types of shoes are even completely banned by some golf courses.

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