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Bridgestone Prior Generation Tour B RXS Yellow Overrun Golf Balls
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Bridgestone Prior Generation Tour B RXS Yellow Overrun Golf Balls

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What is a Logo Overrun?

An overrun is a brand new ball often with some type of imprint, normally a name or logo.

In some cases, overruns will have no printing on the ball at all.

Although brand new, they are typically packaged in bulk boxes.

Product Description

A new dimple pattern, a brand new cover, and a distance/feel combination that golfers are not used to seeing. The Bridgestone TOUR B RXS Yellow golf ball provides all of this and more. In the Optic Yellow color, you will have no problem finding this golf ball off the tee.

REACTIV Urethane Technology

For the first time, a SMART cover can detect the force of the hit and decide the correct level of spin. This, combined with the REACTIV Urethane cover, will give you high greenside spin without losing distance off the tee. Although this golf ball is primarily a distance ball, the technology that Bridgestone implemented will have you thinking you are hitting a tour performance golf ball.

Designed for Low-Mid Handicap Golfers

The Bridgestone TOUR B RXS Yellow was carefully designed for players with less than 105 miles per hour of swing speed. Low to mid Handicappers will best appreciate the feel they can get with this three-piece high performing golf ball. Bridgestone is very careful to develop golf balls for all player abilities. If you are a golfer struggling to get enough spin around the green but not ready to give up the distance off the tee, this Bridgestone Tour B RXS Yellow can give you what you need.

Features of Bridgestone TOUR B RXS Yellow Golf Balls:

  • Core Compression of 64
  • Designed for the low-mid handicap golfer
  • More greenside control and spin
  • Distance off the tee
  • Optic yellow cover for increased visibility

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