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Titleist DT Roll Golf Balls

This item has been discontinued.

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Technical Data

Swing Speed
Swing speed is a measure of velocity, in miles per hour, of how fast the club head of a golf club is traveling at the point it makes impact with the golf ball. Swing speed can be recorded by a launch monitor or other electronic radar devices.
any swing speed
  • 70
  • 76
  • 82
  • 88
  • 94
  • 100
Shown in miles per hour
Balls designed for higher handicap golfers generally have harder covers that result in lower spin rates with irons and drivers. Balls designed for low handicap golfers tend to offer your more control and spin.
20 or higher
  • 0
  • 7
  • 14
  • 21
  • 28
  • 36
Shown in strokes
Trajectory is a term used to describe the flight characteristics of a golf shot. It considers the height of the shot as well as it's launch and landing characteristics.
Feel (Compression)
Feel is a term that considers the firmness or compression of the golf ball. Typically the softer the golf ball feels, the lower the compression rating. A general rule of thumb about golf ball compression is that players with a lower swing speed should use a lower compression ball to take advantage of the added spring affect.
9 Iron Spin
9 iron spin is regarding the backward rotation of the golf ball in flight or the measured rate of that rotation. Most golfers think of backspin more in relation to shorter irons and wedges. Backspin is what causes some wedge shots to "back up" on the green, or roll backwards after hitting the green.

Manufacturer Description

Titleist DT Roll Golf Balls - The DT Roll golf balls from Titleist are the latest ball to replace the popular DT SoLo golf ball. Titleist offers the DT Roll golf ball as the latest and greatest in a low compression / distance golf ball which translates to better feel around the green and longer down the fairway. The Titleist DT Roll features a new lower trajectory 392 dimple design to deliver more distance with penetrating ball flight and greater roll. The DT Roll is a 2 piece golf ball with a surlyn® cover and is made for amateurs with slower swing speeds. New to the DT Series golf balls is the A.I.M. (Alignment Integrated Marking) sidestamp to help line up your putts so you can feel more confident on the green!

  • 2 Piece Construction
  • Surlyn® Cover
  • 392 dimple design
  • New, A.I.M. (Alignment Integrated Marking) sidestamp - integrated alignment guide for improved putting alignment

Avg Rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Titleist DT Roll logo golf balls
We purchased these for the first time for our annual golf event. We used them as promotional give aways...They are a nice mid grade ball and have great distance. They are a great option if you are looking a better price but still with the Titleist brand.
Handicap 10 - 15
Nice Company Logo Ball
We used to buy the nike powersoft balls with our company logo until we found out about the tournament discount on this ball. What a bargain!!We have 2 tournaments a year so I will definitely have more logo golf balls printed in the spring!
Handicap 0 - 5
the good news is the ball does what it's promoted to do. on the other hand, that's not always a great thing. for me, being only 13 years old, the roll helps a lot since my drives only get about 200 out. the roll on a good fairway adds a good 50 yards! But of course, there's always those shorter holes where the ball just keeps rolling and rolling and... well you get the point. good ball for its price though. i recommend this ball to average distance players off the tee
matt (Absecon, NJ)
Handicap 10 - 15
Improved my game
I've played a variety of balls in my day, but this was the first that has actually taken stokes off my game. I'm not a long hitter by any stretch, and have always had a low trajectory, so the extra roll off the tee really helps get me closer to the green for an easier approach, they do also stop well on a softer green. good ball if you don't have a high trajectory.
quinn (Fort Campbell, KY)
Handicap 10 - 15
Lower Trajectory?
A nice durable ball. Soft around the greens,stops pretty good. But as for the lower trajectory I'm not so sure I have never hit a ball so high off of the tee! Not sure if I got a misprinted DT Carry. But overall a great ball!
Steve (Carbondale, PA)
Handicap 10 - 15

Frequently asked questions about

I am looking for a yellow Titleist golf ball. You were mentioned on a forum to carry the Titleist DT Roll in YELLOW, however, I do not see it on your website. Please acvis on whether you carry it, p
Tom Michalski
03/28/2010 7:58 AM
Hi, thanks for the question. I am sorry, but we do not have any yellow Titleist golf balls at this time. -Parker Employee: Parker
03/29/2010 11:18 AM
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I am lookin for some women visors
sue barnes
03/21/2010 12:20 PM
Hi, thanks for the question. All of the women's visors we have will be listed on site. Employee: Parker
03/22/2010 10:50 AM
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Need 6-8 dzn personalized titleist ball by next Thurs the 25th of March. I'm in AZ, 86327 zip. Can do????????
Mel Barnett
03/18/2010 7:05 PM
hi, thanks for the question. We will be able to meet those requirements. You will need to select the rush personalization option. Also, depending on when the order is placed, you may need to expedite shipping. -Parker Employee: Parker
03/19/2010 8:49 AM
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