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Product Description

Srixon Soft Feel 12 Gift Pack consists of:

  • (2) dozen Soft Feel 12 Personalized Golf Balls - Choose White, Yellow, Red, Orange, or Green color
  • (1) Srixon 6-Pack Cooler - Black
  • (4) Srixon Koozie Can Coolers - Red

Srixon Soft Feel 12 Golf Balls

Whether off the tee or around the greens, the new Srixon Soft Feel 12 golf balls live up to their namesake. With it, you'll experience a solid yet comfortable impact on every swing, giving you more confidence as you address each shot. The Soft Feel 12 features a soft center that gradually transitions to a firm outer edge. When this is combined with the revolutionary FastLayer core, you'll experience incredible softness while not sacrificing distance. They also incorporate Srixon's patented Speed Dimple technology, which reduces drag at launch and increases lift when in the air. This will give you more overall distance and better performance in the wind. Srixon Soft Feel 12 golf balls feature even more greenside spin than prior Soft Feel models and provide a much softer feel on all pitches, chips, and putts. Your short game will thank you.
  • Soft center combined with FastLayer Core gives an incredible softness and distance
  • Speed Dimples reduce drag at launch & increase lift providing better performance in the wind and more overall distance
  • More greenside spin and softer feel on all pitches, chips and putts
  • 2-piece construction
  • 60 compression and 338 dimple pattern

Srixon 6-Pack Cooler

The Srixon Non-Woven 6-Pack Cooler is the perfect companion for your next round. Featuring a durable non-woven construction along with an insulated lined inner material will ensure that your beverages stay cool. The 6.5" x 6" x 8" wide design is large enough to fit 6 standard size cans and features the iconic Srixon logo on the front.
  • Measures 6.5" tall, 6" deep, 8" wide
  • Durable non-woven construction
  • Insulated inner material
  • Large enough to fit 6 cans
  • Features the iconic Srixon logo

Srixon Koozie Can Cooler

The Srixon Koozie Can Cooler is an insulated koozie designed to keep your beverage cool during your round. Featuring the iconic Srixon logo on one side and their signature #SwitchToBetter tagline on the opposite side, this koozie will in handy both on and off the course.
  • Insulated can koozie
  • Features the Srixon logo and tagline
  • Red color
  • Promotion codes are not eligible to be used with this product

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