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Precept Laddie X Golf Balls

This item has been discontinued.

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Technical Data

Swing Speed
Swing speed is a measure of velocity, in miles per hour, of how fast the club head of a golf club is traveling at the point it makes impact with the golf ball. Swing speed can be recorded by a launch monitor or other electronic radar devices.
94 mph or below
  • 70
  • 76
  • 82
  • 88
  • 94
  • 100
Shown in miles per hour
Balls designed for higher handicap golfers generally have harder covers that result in lower spin rates with irons and drivers. Balls designed for low handicap golfers tend to offer your more control and spin.
20 or higher
  • 0
  • 7
  • 14
  • 21
  • 28
  • 36
Shown in strokes
Trajectory is a term used to describe the flight characteristics of a golf shot. It considers the height of the shot as well as it's launch and landing characteristics.
Feel (Compression)
Feel is a term that considers the firmness or compression of the golf ball. Typically the softer the golf ball feels, the lower the compression rating. A general rule of thumb about golf ball compression is that players with a lower swing speed should use a lower compression ball to take advantage of the added spring affect.
9 Iron Spin
9 iron spin is regarding the backward rotation of the golf ball in flight or the measured rate of that rotation. Most golfers think of backspin more in relation to shorter irons and wedges. Backspin is what causes some wedge shots to "back up" on the green, or roll backwards after hitting the green.

Manufacturer Description

Raise your launch and lower your spin with the Precept Laddie X Golf Balls. These two-piece golf balls generate the distance and piercing trajectory you need to take your shots far into the fairway. An enhanced core, aerodynamic dimple pattern, and soft ionomer cover provide an exceptional performance.

  • Two-piece construction
  • Enhanced Velocity Muscle-Fiber Core for faster shots
  • Touch N’ Control Ionomer® Cover for improved, softer feel around the green
  • 372 dimple design minimizes drag and wind-resistance

Avg Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Write a Review Show All User Ratings & Reviews (41 Reviews) Staff Review: from Luke
Soft Feeling Distance
An all around recreational ball aimed at a higher handicap, lower swing speed player. A softer feel ball that aims to extend distance by playing with a high velocity and low spin. Sold by the sleeve this ball prides itself on distance and will lack great feel around the green. One of the few Precept balls still in production.
Luke (Lafayette, LA)
Handicap 11 - 15
Distance surprise
I received these balls as a gift for buying a snow bird / winter player card in Florida. My preference is to play a yellow ball, ( a vision Issue) but was impressed with the distance I was getting, so continued for two months with the Precept. My wife tried them and now prefers them to her previous favorite.
Ron (Minneapolis, MN)
Handicap 11 - 15
The balls are fine - the custom personalization (photo) isn't...
The image printing is way too dark. Unhappy that the image wasn't lightened up or that I was not contacted for a different photo. Two shot penalty!
Michael (Barefoot Beach, FL)
Handicap 6 - 10
precept logo overruns
For the price these balls can't be beat in my opinion.
bryan young (Adams, IN)
Handicap 11 - 15
Great Price
I have played many different balls but the Laddie seems to play the best for me in the cool/cold winter months here in the south. I am pleased with them.
David (Houston, TX)
Handicap 11 - 15

Frequently asked questions about

I currently use a callaway super soft ball. I hit a laddie today and it went 10 yards longer and felt good. Is the laddie about the same compression as the callaway. I am 81 and play with a 16 handicap. Softer balls feel better.
Arthur Hardy
07/10/2015 9:12 PM
I've tried to determine the same thing and have as yet to be able to. I do believe the compression is higher in the Precept. I just switched today from the Supersoft to the Laddie X. The Callaway just didn't fit my swing, and I'd played the Precept years ago and liked it.
Mid Handicap Golfer: james
07/11/2015 10:04 PM
Hi, While these are both lower compression balls, the Supersoft is a bit softer. The Supersoft compression is 35 but the Laddie X does not have a released compression. Thanks, Employee: LukeT
07/13/2015 9:02 AM
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what is the difference between a "Laddie" and a "Laddie X"
Calvin Hudson
08/22/2011 11:38 PM
The Laddie was the Precept ball that was released 4-6 years ago after the success of the MC Lady. The Laddie X is the current ball that Precept makes. Thanks. Employee: Johnny
08/24/2011 2:24 PM
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I am a 72 yr old male, have played for 50 yrs, handicap never lower than 18 (presently 28 after playing all winter in the OR sloppy wet conditions). Yesterday I took the Bridgestone challenge and discovered that my swing speed is 80, my launch angle is a near perfect 15.5, minimal side spin, but my backspin was low at 1650 rpm using their e6 ball. I hit several shots with their e5 and increased my backspin to 2200, and they recommended that ball. My question is this - with such a slow swing speed, why would they recommend a harder ball (e5 vs. e6)? And what ball would you recommend? I have played well in the past with
Larry McDonough
08/18/2011 12:07 PM
I'm in much the same boat. They wanted to increase your spin rate which will keep the ball in the air longer for you and ultimately give you more carry and distance. I recommend giving them a shot. I'm a huge fan of the e5! Employee: Johnny
08/19/2011 4:07 PM
With more recent ball designs, it's no longer so important to match swing speed to compression, at least as far as distance is concerned. So ball choice should depend mostly on spin and feel. So the softer covers on the e5 should give you better spin with your irons, and good feel in chipping and putting. It may "feel" a bit hard on drives and fairway woods, but that shouldn't hurt your score.
High Handicap Golfer: Brian
10/18/2013 1:35 PM
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