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Srixon 2017 Z Star Tour Yellow Golf Balls

This item has been discontinued.

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Golfballs.com Expert Description

Srixon developed the Z-Star 5 Tour Yellow Golf Ball to be an added advantage against competitors to improve player's score. It’s a perfect fit for players with mid-high swing speeds that demand exceptional performance out of their balls. The yellow coloring adds an additional benefit, to easily be able to track the ball in low light conditions.

Energetic Gradient Growth Core

This 5th generation ball has a larger softer core than prior generations. The hardness increases from the core to the outer edge to create Srixon’s Energetic Gradient Growth™ Core that retains ball speed with lower spin. Compression in the core was also reduced from 90 to 88 to create a softer feel while producing exceptional distance.

Dimples and Covering

The design of the 338 Speed Dimple Pattern has five different dimple sizes to improve how the dimples uniformly fit around the surface of the ball to decrease drag that produces a more efficient flight that goes farther. The innovation in the dimple pattern also provides more stability when combating wind. The ball uses a Speed Spin coating over the dimples that expands during contact with the club to create a soft feel.

Tour Yellow Color

The Tour Yellow coloring Srixon uses on their balls allows players to easily spot the ball during flight and when in the rough or woods. The coloring is also an advantage for aging eyes, the yellow offers better contrast with blue skies and helps to spot the ball in diminishing peripheral vision.

Product Features of the Srixon Z-Star 5 Tour Yellow Golf Balls:

  • Even softer feel on all shots and improved launch conditions for more distance off the tee
  • More aerodynamic 338 Speed Dimple Pattern
  • Improved flight performance for additional gains in distance and full shot control
  • Srixon products are prohibited from shipping outside the United States
  • Softer feel, enhanced greenside spin and more consistent spin on approach shots from any lie, especially from the rough
  • Avg Rating: 5 out of 5
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    Excellent golf ball for a mid level index!
    Review 4 Stars
    Good short game spin is my #1 concern as my game relies on getting up and down a great deal. Driver distance...good Iron spin...good Short game spin...good Durability...average
    Tony (Buford, GA)
    Handicap 11 - 15
    Z Star is great ball
    Review 5 Stars
    I really like the Srixon Z star ball. It has great distance and spin into greens. This is my favorite golf ball right now. Really like the yellow balls.... Lee
    Lee (Blaine, MN)
    Handicap 11 - 15
    Srixon Z Star
    Review 5 Stars
    The yellow is old-guy friendly. Tour ball. End of story.
    Handicap 16 - 20
    Performance meets value
    Review 5 Stars
    Excellent ball play yellow can not beat golfballs.com. for selection service and price
    Carl (Celina, TN)
    Handicap 11 - 15
    Review 5 Stars
    I’m very pleased with these Z-stars. They have the playability of the pro-V, and they last longer. It’s also great to be able to play a tour class ball that is yellow. They are a great deal.
    Mike (Galena, NV)
    Handicap 0 - 5

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    Do you have anymore of z-star overuns on sale?
    George Smith
    07/25/2019 7:57 AM
    Yes, we currently have the previous season Z star golf balls on sale.
    Golfballs.com Employee: Ashton
    07/25/2019 11:23 AM
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