Product Description

The TOUR B XS golf ball benefited from a brand new REACTIV cover, featured in the rest of the Bridgestone golf ball line this year. The TOUR B XS is a player’s golf ball. The good news for players is that they don't have to give up the distance to play a golf ball with the correct feel.

Feeling First, Distance Second

Bridgestone works to fill the gaps in the golf ball market. With this ball, they took a distance golf ball and added a ton of feel to make sure it appeals to even the lowest handicap golfers. This golf ball focuses on feeling first and distance second.
  • 85 compression
  • 3-piece construction
  • Feel and then distance
  • New REACTIV cover
  • SMART Cover technology

Product Reviews

Avg Rating: 5 out of 5 User Ratings & Reviews (3)


Handicap 0 - 5

Bridgestone BXS
Great ball. Arrived on time and as advertised


Handicap 6 - 10

Bridgestone Tour B XS
Best golf ball ever. Hit it farther than other top brands and the softness on the greens is awesome. Only ball in my bag.


Handicap 6 - 10

Bridgestone Tour BXS
Quality ball and a great deal. This ball matches up with the Titleist AVX and even the Prov1. You get excellent spin and distance.